MyBKExperience – Win a Free Whooper With Burger King Survey

Mybkexperience is actually the name of the survey by Burger King, also known as BK is a renowned name in the chain restaurant sector. With its headquarter in Florida, the company has thousands of outlets all over the world. Burger King was founded in the year 1953.

So if you’ve visited Burger King, and like to share some opinion regarding your recent visit, then you can without any difficulties. And the interesting thing is you can be rewarded as well by sharing your views on your last visit. On Mybkexperience website, the company analyzes various factors for improving its quality on food and services. Based on customer’s opinion on


What Is mybkexperience?

Mybkexperience is name of the survey by Burger King. In this survey the Burger King customers get rewarded for their views about themselves. With this mode of  the survey, the company can satisfy its customers by fulfilling the requirements of its customers.  Burger King will get to know which aspects need to improve. So this movement is totally based on the assessment of this customer survey. The main motto of this survey is to collect opinions from various customers throughout the world.

Burger King is one of the prominent fast-food chains, which holds a specialization in supplying delicious burgers. As of now, Burger King has more than 12,000 outlets around the world. It’s true that the company has many competitors, and to be in the long run in the business, the company is focusing on its business development with various mediums. Mybkexperience is one of the most successful ways of it. In this mode of the survey, the company has to listen to the customer and enhances their business policy with regards to their suggestions. So mybkexperience is all about customer satisfaction survey.

Mybkexperience is a good place where you can share your opinions about the services and submit the feedback. To prove your loyalty to Burger King, you have to take Burger King survey. But the thing is with an appropriate Burger King survey only you can enter into this survey. After visiting the site you have to enter your basic details such as date, time, and store number to come to the end of a survey. And you will get an appreciation for your effort and awarded with some point to avail free services from Burger King. You will be rewarded coupon codes as well soon after the completion of the survey. You can redeem those coupons at any Burger King outlet and receive a free whopper sandwich or chicken sandwich as well.

Need Of mybkexperience

Let’s identify the reason for this mybkexperience survey. In this competitive world, every business tries to satisfy their customers with quality service. On the other hand, the employees of an organization are the crucial factors in terms of prosperity. In a food chain like Burger King, the staff performance and behavior directly impacts on the customer’s visit, and the willingness to come back to the same store for another time. The quality service and execution depend highly on this aspect. There are complains like unfriendliness, cleanliness of the outlet. The company has to take care of all these for a good environment. So that the customers can spare some quality time in the outlet. But the thing is the company only can’t handle such situations in its more than a thousand outlets. Therefore mybkexperience is the finest medium to handle all those difficulties.

Customers can participate in this survey mode, and go for a set of questionnaire, share their views on the last visit. So that the quality, as well as services, can be altered as per your opinions to provide a better environment for all. If you are quite satisfied with the service of any outlet, you can share those views as well, which will be an example to other outlets.

Rules of MyBKexperience Survey

It’s quite good to have an idea of the mybkexperience survey before stepping into the website. After knowing its requirements, you can analyze these rules and its limitations. You can also know the process to complete the survey quite easily. If you in a mood of availing free whopper, then try to know the rules and regulations of this survey. Here are the rules for a better understanding.

One receipt for one survey

You will get a single chance to go for the survey program if you have only one receipt. You can’t use receipt’s code for another time to fill the survey form.

Limitation of the Survey

You can’t participate in a survey more than one time in a month. Apart from that, the family member of Burger King employees and its employees itself are not eligible for participating in this survey program. Age is not a constraint here, but children less than 13 years will be considered along with their parents only.

Burger King Survey Period

One survey program is valid for one year. So the survey code on your receipt is valid for one year from the date of purchase only. After one year the survey will expire automatically. You can visit the mybkexperience portal at any time of the year, but with an invalid survey code. You have to wait for another survey to avail free kinds of stuff and free codes.

Survey reward

You can claim your survey reward within thirty days of time. So after completing your survey, you can redeem your coupon within the time period only. For every survey period you will be rewarded with different reward options and  On behalf of those rewards, you can avail Burger King Whopper sandwich. But the thing is you have to be careful about those rules and regulations while going for a survey. With the slightest mistake you can lose those free rewards.

Kindly go through some crucial points

  • A single mistake will reject your chance of survey form filling. And after that, you can’t go for the survey program for another time with the same survey code or receipt. So always go through the instructions carefully.
  • One receipt is for one survey only with a validity of 30 days from the day of the visit. To participate in the survey program as soon as possible.
  • You can’t claim the reward for cash.


Instructions to Participate in MyBKExperience Survey

mybkexperience is quite easy to fill with various simple instructions. You can complete that within five minutes. It’s true that you will receive an award by completing the survey but complete it genuinely with proper answers. Be honest and allow Burger King to enhance the service and dining experience to its customers. Your response and reviews will hold a great value, so try to provide relevant answers. Here are the steps to get rewarded from Burger King.

Go through website

For accessing the survey portal, enter the web address of mybkexperience on your browser, and land into the survey home page. Then choose your preferred language. Look out for the store number on your Burger King receipt. Then it will show you a validation code. With a correct store number, you will go to the next page of mybkexperience. Here enter the survey code. Then answer to the questionnaire of Burger King candidly. The questions will be all about the price menu, locations, and the staff’s effectiveness. So be true to yourself and give a feedback which will be useful for the company to access its business and enhance its qualities in terms of business. After completion of the survey, in the last stage, you will get the coupon code for affording the quality time. Now you can claim for a free Whopper in any Burger King outlet.

Requirements for the Participation in the Survey

  • Any US residents with age above 18 years of age.
  • Customers of Burger King, who have paid a visit to any of their stores in recent time with a valid store receipt. But no relatives of Burger King employees.

Important factors Of mybkexperience

Survey Rewards

The reward for the mybkexperience survey is a free Whopper or a chicken sandwich on the next visit to any of the outlets within 30 days of time.

Rewards Redemption

You’ll be offered a validation code at the end of the survey. You have to write down the code on your receipt and show it on your upcoming visit at the Burger King outlet.

Details on mybkexperience survey

  • Visit the official website of the Burger King experience survey using the links given above.
  • Now, on the next page, you’ll be asked to enter the restaurant number. Enter it and click on the “Next” button.
  • Next, you’ll be asked to enter the survey code from the receipt. Enter that and click on the “Next” button.
  • Now, your survey will start and you’ll be asked questions such as speed of service, cleanliness of the restaurant, etc.
  • Answer those and click on “Next“. You’ll be asked some more questions, answer those and click “Finish” once it’s done.
  • Now, after the survey, you’ll be given a validation code.
  • Enter the Restaurant Number Specified on your burger king bill receipt
  • Choose the appropriate Language: English, French
  • Proceed to the next page and enter the 20 digit survey code printed on your bill
  • Start the Survey and Answer the specified questions honestly, based on your experience of a recent visit to the burger king.
  • Complete the survey and at the end you will be awarded validation code which you can use to get a free whopper or chicken sandwich in your next visit

Requirements for Participating in MyBKexperience

To be a part of this mybkexperience survey program, first of all, you have to taste some mouth-watering burgers at any of the Burger King outlet. Later, you can visit the website to And watch out for the survey program. You do require the receipt from the store on your last visit, a PC with internet connection and some time to complete the survey. You have to spend a few minutes to complete the survey, and the time duration of the survey is totally dependent on the speed of your internet.

So by enabling your internet to try to answer all those questions carefully. You can’t participate gain in the survey in case of any mistakes. These are the basic requirements for participating in mybkexperience. Without a receipt, you can not be able to access the survey. And after completion of the survey, note down the coupon code and show it to the Burger King outlet before making a purchase you will claim a whopper sandwich on your next visit. So be careful and collect the receipt form the counter. You can access mybkexperience through your smartphone as well, as the display of the survey portal is quite good with a mobile.

General Questions In MyBKexperience Survey

Once you entered into the survey page, there will be a set of questionnaire, about your experience, cleanliness of your visited store, order frequency, food quality, quantity, easiness of order placing, staff behavior and friendliness, services, and environment of the store. You have to answer all those with honesty. Because it will be beneficial for you in the later stage as well as for the company.

To get more details on the questionnaire, you can contact Burger King customer care via phone number and email also. They can help you by sharing those usual experiences in a store. On the other hand, if you need to talk with customer service other than mybkexperience then you can take the advantages of email and phone. Here you don’t have to provide any receipt or store number. You can directly share your opinions and feedback on food quality or other related services. You can access three ways to share your feedback other than mybkexperience. And they are by phone, from the Burger King website, and last but not the least you can share your feedback by filling the Burger King contact form. For urgent issues, you can take the help of phone and contact their customer care, but you have to contact them within the operating hours only. If you are unable to connect, then visit and then click on contact us. Find the feedback page and choose the option as per your requirement.  Fill the form with all your details such as name, contact number, and store location with your feedback and share the feedback to Burger King.